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Fitashe Grocery Store was started in 2017 as a result of the need for Kenyan food and products in the Toronto mainly by the Kenyan Community. Since the Kenyan immigrants have continued to grow in the Greater Toronto Area, we had to device a way of meeting this demand because there has been scarcity of authentic Kenyan staple food in Canadian Stores.

Fitashe's food products come mostly from Meru County in the Eastern part of Kenya. We have kept meeting the demand for some of Kenyan manufactured products and our own Fitashe Farmer's Choice Sausages as well as the grains.

We are now serving Kenyan as well as most African Communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our customers also include the Indians and afew other non-African communities living in Ontario. In some cases we have been getting customers from outside Ontario due to high demand of our high quality exotic products. Please note that delivery is available depending on distance. We accept email transfer for payments against purchases.

Some of our best-sellers include Kenyan Tea, Managu, Kunde, Black Beans (Njahi), Porridge Floor, White Kenyan Corn Flour, Kamba Dried Corn (Muthokoi), Dried Lake Victoria Fish (Omena), Royco, Simba Mbili Curry Powder and so on.

Fitashe Grocery Store wishes to appreciate the Kenyan community and all our customers for their unwavering support since our inception. We have been working hard to keep up with the growing demand as we strive enhance the quality of our products.

Betty Marete


Fitashe Grocery Store